NAFCO | New Industry Trend of Brass Ball Valve and Brass Fittings

NAFCO | New Industry Trend of Brass Ball Valve and Brass Fittings
Time:2017-09-25 From: NAFCO-China Brass Ball Valves Fittings Manufacturer

The trend of environmental control and green developing is becoming the main theme of the future development for China Brass Ball Valve and China Brass Fittings industries. Traditional brands that rely on low price will be a history gradually. It needs to break existing mode so as to root in market.

1. The original development mode at the expense of environment is not conforming to development requirements.
In the past, increasing GDP at the expense of environment will be forced to drive away from the market. High profits with low price disappearing gradually that will make traditional brand have a process of adapt and adjust. However, development is the trend, who adjust fast, who will master the initiative. The heavy pollution production process of brass ball valves and brass fittings, such as brass melting and material production, plating of brass valve surfaces, have much negative effects on environments.

2. Messy small company will be knocked down by overcapacity and supply-side reform.
The talent of saturated, competition of low price and repeat production caused waste of resource; messy small company will forbid gradually, thus have a huge impact to market and consumer. Because of market and consumer still not adapt the process of adjustment. But this is the trend of future development, the traditional brand needs to adjust the strategy in time and adapt the change initiatively. There many small-sized brass ball valve manufacturers and brass fittings producers in China need to improve.

3. The market needs high quality brass valves and brass fittings.
 Good-value and high quality brass valves and brass fittings will become the competitive product in the future. To create the competition of brand requires optimize the product line continuously. Providing good-value products is the important means to win market and users.

4. Small company will no longer be a competitive advantage.
Due to the cost reasons, small brass ball valve company can master certain initiative in the competition. However, with the alter of market situation, who can adapt the competition, adjust the product constantly, research and develop the brand will have stronger advantage. And that scale enterprise have certain advantage on research and develop , technology, etc. If they can develop creativity, they will win the initiative in the market competition

5, Innovation-driven becoming the new normal of traditional brand development.
Innovation-driven fit for industrial mode of 4.0 that is the driving force of traditional brand’s continuous progress. In the fierce competition, you will be knocked out gradually without active innovation and adapt to market. It will be helpful for long term development of China Brass Ball Valve and Brass Fittings inudstry.

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