NAFCO | Why Radiators Must Be Installed with Radiator Valves

NAFCO | Why Radiators Must Be Installed with Radiator Valves
Time:2017-12-08 From: NAFCO- Brass Valves China and Brass Fittings Manufacturers China
In the radiator self-heating system, temperature control valves have a very important position, the role of obvious and cannot be missing, if the system is not installed on the gas stove can only rely on the outlet temperature and start and stop the furnace to adjust the heating heat. This does not reach the purpose of comfortable heating, but also a waste of resources, with the home from the original intention of heating a far cry.

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Then, thermostatic valves how to adjust the role of room temperature? The working principle of the temperature control valve is to control the temperature of the outlet of the equipment by controlling the hot water inlet flow of the heat exchanger so as to adjust the flow rate by changing the valve opening degree when the load changes to eliminate the influence caused by the load fluctuation. The temperature is restored to the set value. The use of temperature control valve users can control the sub-room, select the heating, thus ensuring a constant room temperature, to avoid the heating system hydraulic imbalance and single-tube system uneven upper and lower room temperature problems, and through the role of thermostat control can improve the indoor The comfort of the thermal environment, that is, users can arbitrarily adjust the temperature to meet the diverse needs of the heat.

With the temperature control brass valves like brass radiator valves, brass ball valves, brass check valves can also be adjusted to the best room temperature, such as the long-term uninhabited rooms and kitchen, bathroom and other rooms, the temperature can be set at 8 ℃, the room heating system and the water system can be antifreeze protection; People often sleep bedroom temperature set at 16-22 ℃, sleep at night set at 16 ℃, because people sleep covered quilt at night, the room temperature should not be too high; for office workers, it is recommended to work at home after the shutdown cannot Otherwise, it will take some time to open again, and no money will be saved. For families with young children and elderly people, some rooms need to be set at about 24 ℃, which is the temperature at which they feel comfortable.

In addition to the role of sub-room heating, the temperature control valve also has a distinct energy saving, control the advantages of heating costs. Different from centralized heating, self-heating users need to consider every winter to protect the system and the water is not frozen, because no heating control by the user themselves, and the entire system from the heat source to the cooling terminal all at home, if the house in winter do not live without heating the room, the heating system of the home and the water system will be the risk of pipe cracking, the loss will not be underestimated. In this case, the user can entrust a friend or property to run the system together. The temperature control valve can be set at about 8 °C, which saves money and protects the system.

Radiators self-heating due to sub-room regulation, ease of control temperature, loved by many users, choose to install more and more users. Remind users, in this set of heating system essential valve, must choose to install.

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