NAFCO | Installation and Use Instructions of Radiator Valves

NAFCO | Installation and Use Instructions of Radiator Valves
Time:2017-11-14 From: NAFCO- China Radiator Valves and Brass Fittings Manufacturers China

The radiator valves are directly related to the radiator installation, the new radiator effect will be greatly reduced if there is air inside of the radiator and cold water cannot flow in correctly.

If you install the radiators after the start of heating, you can follow steps below:
1.     turn off the radiator valve,
2.     open the inlet valve (hand touch the temperature of the pipeline valve),
3.    open the radiator Gas valve deflated, water, deflated after the hot water, and then close the bleed valve,
4.    Open the radiator outlet valve, pay attention to the use of the valve after the valve to check whether to shut down to prevent leakage of running water.

Radiator valves as the main safety barrier of the radiator, with a pivotal role, we must recognize the quality of qualified before buying. It's advisable to use big brand China radiator valves. If you find the radiator valve failure, should immediately stop using, to identify the reasons for timely removal of the fault. If cannot find solution, you will need professional maintenance personnel to solve it.

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The use instruction of radiator valves
How do we use the radiator valve? There are some of marks on the thermostatic radiator valves like the number 0-5, the number 0 is off, the number 1 is the smallest, the number 5 is the largest; another valve is not marked with numbers, but marked some graphics such as the sun and snow, the sun that the largest , If the snow is turned off; if nothing is marked, then turn on the valve when the clockwise turn the hand wheel, turn the counterclockwise turn the hand wheel, press the open, close the indicator mark in place, so you can adjust the radiator The temperature is very simple and convenient.

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