NAFCO | Nominal Diameter of Brass Valves and Brass Fittings

NAFCO | Nominal Diameter of Brass Valves and Brass Fittings
Time:2017-10-11 From: NAFCO-China Brass Ball Valves and Brass Fittings Manufacturer
Many users and buyers are always confused and asking what's nominal diameter of brass valves and brass fittings in China, we have answers for you:
Nominal diameter (nominal diameter), also known as the average outside diameter, refers to the standard diameter after the standardization, the midpoint diameter between inner diameter and outer diameter, marked as DN, measured unit in mm. It's widely used to measure sizes in China brass ball valves, brass radiator valves, brass gate valves, brass angle valves.
For example, the nominal diameter of containers with an average diameter of 25 mm will be marked as DN25, here is an expalation for reference.
Nominal Diameter of Brass Valves and Brass Fittings China
Explanation for DN Size of Brass Valves and Brass Fittings
Nominal diameter and imperial unit comparison table (for valves and metal pipes)
DN Size 15 20 25 32 40 50 65 80 100
Inch Size 1/2" 3/4" 1" 11/4" 11/2" 2" 21/2" 3" 4"

PPR and other water pipe diameters and are different with valves:

PPR25, PPR32 refers to the outer diameter of the PPR pipe, larger than the nominal diameter, generally marked with De, need to be marked as "De diameter x wall thickness" form, mainly used to describe: seamless steel pipe, PPR, PVC and other plastic pipes, and other need to clear the wall thickness of the pipe.

For PPR tube, as example, with DN, De two kinds of labeling correspond to the following:
DN20 - De25X2.0mm
DN25 - De32X2.9mm
DN32 - De40X3.7mm
DN40 - De50X4.6mm

Through the data found that the two forms of expression differ by an order of magnitude, if not clear or have futher questions, please inquriy with NAFCO, to avoid losses the procurement, construction.



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