NAFCO | A Brief History and Development of Brass valves

NAFCO | A Brief History and Development of Brass valves
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The use of the brass valve touches every day in our lives, when we open the faucet to drink water or open the fire hydrant to irrigate the farmland, we and the brass valves are engaged in the interaction, the pipeline is staggered, and behind all have a variety of brass valves adhere to.

The development of the brass valve is closely related to the development of the industrial production process. In ancient times, people in order to regulate the flow of rivers or streams, the use of large stones or trunks to prevent the flow of water or change the direction of flow of water. As early as the end of the Warring States period, Qin Shu County prefect Li Bing (birth and death unknown) has been in the Chengdu plains cut salt wells, drain salt decoction. Take the halogen, the fine bamboo for the drain halogen tube, inserted into the casing, the bottom of the tube to the skin for the opening and closing of the brass valve, a barrel can be thrown out of the number of bucket, vertical large wooden frame, with a windlass, car plate extraction brine In the end of the wooden plunger brass valve to prevent the leakage, the child into the wells in the salt to salt.

China Brass Ball Valves
Brass ball valves

Egypt and Greek civilization invented several original types of brass valves for crop irrigation and so on. However, it is generally accepted that the ancient Roman people developed a fairly complex water system for crop irrigation, using a plug brass valve and a plunger brass valve, and using a check brass valve to prevent water flow.

During the Renaissance, the use of brass valves in artists and inventors Da Vinci designed ditches, irrigation projects and other large hydraulic systems projects, many of his technical solutions are still practically present. Then Europe because of the development of training technology and water machinery, the brass valve requirements are gradually increased, so to create a copper and aluminum plug brass valve, the brass valve was into the metal system.

The modern history of the brass valve industry is in parallel with the industrial revolution, with the depth of the industrial revolution. 1705 Newcomb invented the first industrial steam engine, the steam engine operation of the control requirements. 1769 watt created a steam engine so that the brass valve officially entered the field of machinery industry, many of the steam engine using plug brass valves, safety brass valves, check brass valves and butterfly brass valves.

China Brass Gate Valves
Brass gate valves

The invention of steam is the beginning of a large number of applications in the brass valve industry. From the 18th century to the 19th century, the steam engine in the mining industry, exercise, textile, machinery manufacturing and other industries to promote the rapid increase in the number and quality of the brass valve, so the slide brass valve. He also invented the first controller to adjust the speed, then, the control of fluid flow more and more attention. And have been presented with a threaded stem brass valve and trapezoidal threaded stem brass valve wedge gate brass valve, brass valve development is a major breakthrough. These two types of brass valves show not only satisfied with the various industries on the brass valve pressure and temperature requirements, but also the initial satisfaction of the flow regulation requirements.

The first brass valve in history should in principle be a ball brass valve or a spherical plug brass valve, dating back to the 19th century John.Wallen and John.Charpmen's design, but was not put into production at that time.
China Brass Check Valves
Brass check valves

After the Second World War, the development of the brass valve was completed with the government's promotion, and the US Navy was the early proponent of the James Bury brass valve for the submarine. So around the use of the scene of the brass valve, carried out a series of new research and development and try, the new brass valve technology with the war has been a new innovation.
As a result of the need for post-war reconstruction in many countries, both obsolete plug brass valves and butterfly brass valves have gained new use due to various special materials, including aggregated data, smooth data, stainless steel and cobalt-based cemented carbide, The ball brass valve and diaphragm brass valve to be carried out quickly. Cut brass valves, gate brass valves and other types of brass valves added, the quality of progress. Making the brass valve manufacturing industry has gradually become an important sector of the machinery industry.

In the 1960s, the developed industrialized economies went to prosperity and development. The products of the former West Germany, Japan, Italy, France, Britain and other countries were eager to find the international market. The export of the complete sets of machinery and equipment led to the export of the brass valve.

From the late 1960s to the early 1980s, the old colonial countries were independent, eager to develop national industry and a large number of imported equipment, including brass valves; and the oil crisis led to oil producers to invest heavily in high-margin oil industry. This series of reasons for the international brass valve production trade and development ushered in a period of rapid growth, and further promote the development of the brass valve industry.
China Brass Radiator Valves
Brass radiator valves

The brass valve is a control part in the pipeline transportation system, from the most simple cut-off brass valve to the extremely complex control system used in a variety of brass valves, including brass ball valve, brass gate valve, brass check valve, brass gas valve, brass angle valve, brass float valve, brass radiator valve, brass thermostatic radiator valve, as well as brass fittings, and so on. Brass valves can be used to control the flow of various types of fluids such as air, water, steam, corrosive media, mud, oil, liquid metal and radioactive media.
The distribution of the brass valve market is mainly based on the construction of the project, the largest customers of the petrochemical industry, the power sector, metallurgical sector, chemical industry and urban construction departments, such as urban water pipes, building construction, urban heating; , Pharmaceutical industry, food industry and so on. Brass valves in the water treatment industry in the use of large, mainly low-pressure brass valve products, such as butterfly brass valve, gate brass valve, check brass valve.
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