NAFCO | How to Maintain Brass Valves

NAFCO | How to Maintain Brass Valves
Time:2017-08-16 From: NAFCO-China Brass Ball Valve Manufacturer
Brass ball valves are made of brass raw materials that used to switch the flow in fluid control systems, which have obvious advantages in performance compared to traditional iron valves. Function and performance is an important factor to evaluate a product, while the maintenance is an important means to ensure a product value.
Manual maintenance is essential for brass valves: a good maintenance not only ensures the full performance of the valves, but also helps to extend lifetime of the valves, therefore reduces the replacement frequency and cost consumption.You may ask: "how and what maintenances can help to increase performance of brass valves?" 
As a professional China brass ball valve manufacturer, NAFCO researched and developed hundreds series of brass valves, with top quality valve product in China and abroad, which favored by domestic and foreign users, are pleased to share our experiences of maintaining brass valves.

1. Cleaning work
Brass valves will inevitably be contaminated with some pollutants before installing and in the process of use, because of the processing environment and the application of environmental factors. The operator shall ensure valve performance through some professional cleaning operations, especially when the higher frequency of rain, grease and so on.

2) Ancillary work
In case of long time not use, the operator shall take protective measures according to the type, structure and gland of brass valves. The main method is to use wax paper paste integrated plastic sheet to seal the valve ends to prevent dirty and pollution.

3)  Daily work
The operator may use a waterproofing device such as linoleum or raincoat to shelter the brass valves and avoid contact with the rain, when used in an open-air environment.

The above methods have been proven to be effective for brass valve maintenance. It's quite necessary to pay attention to the maintenance and protection of brass valve, so as to extend its lifetime.
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