NAFCO | Quality Test for China Brass Ball Valves

NAFCO | Quality Test for China Brass Ball Valves
Time:2017-07-05 From: NAFCO-China Brass Ball Valve Manufacturer

Good quality comes from strict traceable process control, as well as professional tests during production and before delivery.

To meet the standard and quality requirements, NAFCO has been making every and best efforts to control quality of brass ball valves, we're pleased to share the quality tests for brass ball valves.

General tests for inspection of finished brass ball valves
1. Thread conformance and length
2. Leakage Test (Air pressure 6-8kgf/cm2=6-8 Bar)
3. Weights and operating smoothness
4. Handle angle and finishing
5. Dimensions of brass ball valve
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Type tests made in lab for picked samples
6. Openning torque
7. Operating torque
8 Torque test
9. Bending test
10 Endurance test
11. High-low temperature test
12. Angular seal tests
Brass Gas Ball Valve N10112001

As a professional China brass ball valve manufacturer and supplier, NAFCO is applying most intensive inspections and tests for brass ball valves we made.

And you're always welcome to contact us for any questions or inquiry you have.

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