NAFCO | How Brass Valve Dealers Realize Rapid Profitability

NAFCO | How Brass Valve Dealers Realize Rapid Profitability
Time:2018-03-19 From: NAFCO- Brass Valves China and Brass Fittings Manufacturers

How to achieve rapid profitability for brass valve brand dealers is the concern of distributors and brands. Brass valve manufacturers and dealers have a great relationship between each other. The dealer is the middle waist of the brass valve brand, and the brass valve brand will be affected if it is sold locally. Therefore, the rapid profitability and development of brass valve dealers is an urgent problem to be solved.

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1. The brass valve brand status
1. The industry scale is large and the brands are not aggregated; there are many regional brands, and there are fewer brands in the country;
2, product imitation, less innovative brands; price warfare; innovation less;
3. With more engineering markets and fewer civilian markets, there is not enough improvement in product quality.
From the current state of the brass valve industry, the quality and positioning of the product determine the dealer’s speed of development and market progress.

2. Brass valve product features and trends
1, is an accessory product, consumers are not sensitive; need professional installation, low-frequency consumer products;
2, the product line is particularly long, the capital investment is large; the regional market is different, the product is not universal.
3, the trend of civilian or engineering.
Due to the diminishing demographic dividend and the impact of real estate, copper brass valves have been consumed and gradually developed into civilian markets.

3. The dealer transformation and upgrading
1. The business thinking needs to be changed. It is necessary to have a deep understanding of the development trend of the industry and the entire brass valve. The future development determines the speed of the company's development and whether it is benign operation.
2, to create core products and core customer base. The core products and customers are the prerequisites for the healthy development of distributors.
3, focus on team promotion. All development must rely on human strength. Without a core team, the sales model cannot be fixed.
4, pay attention to the promotion of the installer and plumber, who is a real user of brass valve products. They can provide more suggestions and opinions to the brand during the installation and use.
5, terminal upgrade: emphasis on stores, counters, display placement. Improve the brand's exposure and promotion in the terminal. Let the terminal push.
6. Pay attention to advertising and word-of-mouth promotion: The promotion of word-of-mouth and terminal advertisements has a greater effect on brand sales than product sales.

It is true that brand is confidence. Good brand, full confidence dealers; weak brand, dealer confidence is poor. Therefore, how to make dealers quickly profitable is how to make distributors have more confidence in the brand.

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