NAFCO | China Brass Valve Industry Trends

NAFCO | China Brass Valve Industry Trends
Time:2017-12-27 From: NAFCO- Brass Valves China and Brass Fittings China Manufacturers

Under the influence of the economic crisis, the structural adjustment of the global valve industry has shifted the focus, technology and investment of the world's top brand industries to the domestic market. The modern lifestyle and the concept of sports pursuing leisure and nature have also driven the rapid growth of consumer demand in the China brass valve market.

 Brass Valves China
China brass valve industry trend

With the next economic and social development in China, "13th Five-Year Plan" will start soon in 2016-2020. China's brass valve industry in the "Thirteenth Five-Year" period will face what opportunities and challenges, the brass valve industry in the future will face what kind of situation and the needs of the brass valve market and industry problems, countermeasures, brass Valve industry where the life cycle, etc. These are the next development of China's brass valve industry research.

As an indispensable industrial equipment and an important supporting machinery product in the national economy, brass valves are widely used in the construction of various infrastructures such as electricity, petrochemicals, metallurgy, environmental protection, coal and other national economy as well as water conservancy and urban construction, among which, oil and gas, Energy Power and chemical fields are the most important applications for brass valves. 2010-2014 China's brass valve industry has rapidly increased the size of the market.The advanced nature and reliability of brass valves are directly related to the normal operation of industrial plants and infrastructure, technology.

Change and industry innovation have a huge impact on the brass valve industry. Over the years, through the introduction of technology and digestion and absorption and independent development, as well as technological innovation, the industry generally improve product development, design and manufacturing level. In addition to some of the high parameters and special brass valves, domestic brass valves can basically meet the needs of various sectors of the national economy and infrastructure construction.

At the same time, China's brass valve industry also faces the following problems:

1). Brass valve industry market is not concentrated, many enterprises, highly competitive.
2). The competition in the low-end market is fierce and the competition in the high-end market is monopolized.
3) Technical level, technological level and material technology are relatively backward, leading enterprises in the brass valve industry and market share At present, the world's largest brass valve enterprises are mainly concentrated in developed countries such as Europe, the United States, Japan and other countries.
4) China's brass valve started later, the industry norms and relevant policies and regulations still need to reform and strengthen.
5) The adjustment of the industrial structure and the adjustment of the product structure led to the systematic integration of brass valves, etc., and the trend of automation will become clear day by day.

In addition, brass valve repair services and replacement will be a new growth point for enterprise product sales. At the same time, the market demand for conventional brass plummeted, the industry restructuring mergers to speed up. According to China's economic and social development needs, the development of new brass valve products should be directed to the thermal power, nuclear power, hydropower, large petrochemicals, oil and gas pipelines, coal chemical industry and metallurgy and other major projects supporting the development of brass valves direction. At the same time, the company has developed special special brass valves and oversize brass valves that are equipped with brass valves and major projects such as metallurgy, large-scale ethylene and high-pressure polyethylene for onshore oil and offshore oil extraction equipment; the development of new material yellow for urban construction Copper valves and a variety of environmentally friendly brass valves.

For China's brass valve industry, it is necessary to formulate development goals, strategic positioning and strategic thinking based on national policies the industry faces, market demand analysis during the 13th Five-Year Plan period, domestic and foreign gap analysis and other aspects, and set the key targets of scientific and technological research and technological transformation , Put forward countermeasures and countermeasures. Standardize the industry system and standards, the development of machinery manufacturing with Chinese characteristics.

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